Congratulations to our 2019 Cascade Warbirds Memorial Scholarship winners!

Scholarship committee chair Pete Jackson poses with winners Lukas Holloman and Jack Mangum. Photo: Eric Olsen

In a continuing quest to improve our aviation scholarship program, and in an effort to determine which of our scholars is truly interested in aviation as a career, we have added a wrinkle in this year’s process. We’ve chosen fewer youth to begin their training, but we’ve added a sizable grant for a subsequent award.

After the awardees have successfully completed the ground portion and flown their two instructional flights, one will be awarded $2,500 to continue their private pilot training. The money will be doled out in increments: $1,000 after the initial solo is completed, another $1,000 after the long solo cross-country is completed, and a final $500 when the private pilot certificate is earned. The scholar chosen for this grant will have submitted an essay to the committee explaining why he or she wishes to complete their flight training. This year’s scholars are Judah Britton, Lukas Holloman, Jack Mangum, Keith Steedman, and Tim Wetzel.

Judah will graduate high school in 2020, is a member of the Green River CAP squadron, and is planning to attend the Professional Pilot Degree program at Green River.

Lukas is a sophomore at Auburn Riverside and plans to become an airline pilot.

Jack is also a sophomore and will complete his Eagle Scout project this summer. He is fascinated with vintage military aircraft and would one day like to fly at airshows.

Keith is a junior and remembers the stories of his great-grandfather’s roles in World War II. That led him to want to become a pilot and he hopes he’ll be able to use his certificate to deliver emergency supplies and services in the territories of the US.

Tim is enrolled at Embry-Riddle in Prescott and hopes to become an Air Force pilot flying the large cargo aircraft.

As in years past, Galvin Flight Training is partnering with us in this endeavor. We thank them for their contribution.