Who Are We?

The Largest Group of Warbird Enthusiasts in the Pacific Northwest!

We are warbird enthusiasts—you need not be a pilot or warbird owner to participate.

Visitors are always welcome. See if you fit our missions—airshows, veterans, youth—then join us at a meeting.

We hold meetings October through March, on the second Saturday of each month (except December). See theĀ Events page for specifics.

From April through September, our members display and marshal aircraft at regional airshows. Find us on the Events page.

Connect with members on Facebook, see our best photos on Flickr, and watch selected meetingĀ presentations on YouTube.

Current Members

Who’s here and what’s flying? View our member and aircraft roster.

To renew your membership, contact the Adjutant.

Future Members

Join Cascade Warbirds and participate as a full member. Your membership supports our youth scholarship program and helps us to Keep ’em Flying!

Fill in the membership application and contact our Adjutant.