Memorial Youth Scholarship Program

Private Pilot Ground School with Introductory Flights

One of the missions of Cascade Warbirds is to inspire today’s young people to become the aviation pioneers of tomorrow. To give our flight-inspired youth a leg up on taking their first steps toward a career or life-long avocation, we offer the following scholarship opportunity.

Cascade Warbirds has teamed with Galvin Flying at Boeing Field in Seattle, WA to provide the scholarship recipient with tuition, books and supplies, and two introductory instructional flights.

This scholarship is available for students between the ages of 16 and 21 at the time of award. It is valued at $1,125 and several awards will be made.

Ground School

The ground school portion comprises classroom lectures, visual presentations, group discussions, practical exercises, and field trips over a period of approximately 55 hours. Classes generally meet two weeknights per week for two and one-half hours and one Saturday per week for four hours over a period of six weeks. Successful completion of this Private Pilot Ground School will qualify the student to take the FAA’s Private Pilot written exam.

Instructional Flights

This award also includes two instructional flights in a light aircraft, the make and model of which will be matched to the student. The first flight will occur partway through the ground school, based on the instructor’s recommendation, and the second flight will occur after the successful completion of the ground school course. Each flight will include a pre-flight briefing, taxi and runway procedures, introduction to radio communications, take-off, a series of in-flight maneuvers, return and landing, and post-flight procedures. These two flights will be logged in the student’s personal logbook and count toward the minimum flight time required to earn the FAA Private Pilot certificate.

Requirements and Application

Requirements for applicants are listed on the application form. Please fill out, sign, and send the application below to the address provided within. Thank you and we wish you the best in your future aviation career!

2019 Scholarship Application

Please e-mail by or postmark by February 28, 2019.

Completed for 2019 — Look for the 2020 scholarship at the new year!

If you have any questions about the scholarship program, please contact our Scholarship Committee Chair.


If you are interested to support our youth education efforts with a tax-deductible financial contribution, please contact our Finance Officer.

Thank you for your vote of confidence in Cascade Warbirds, your generous support, and your investment in our nation’s youth!

“Today I mailed our donation to the scholarship program in the name of my father, Captain Karl Mehrer, WWII vet recently deceased at 92 years old. He spent his last 40 years restoring historic sailing schooners on Puget Sound, and putting those ships to work training young people about the joys of the sea, many of whom he channeled into maritime careers. Thank the Warbirds for their fabulous formation flyby at the Captain’s memorial service over Lake Whatcom. We will never forget that tribute.”
 – Kathleen Mehrer

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