Aircraft Displays

Our warbird-owning members are enthusiastic evangelists of classic airpower! They love displaying their historic aircraft for the public. Formation and single-file passes at shows give you a taste of history. On the ground, they happily talk with you and your children and show their aircraft up close. (Ask before touching, please — airplanes can be delicate!)

Cascade Warbirds does not host flying events directly. Members are encouraged to support regional airshows by displaying their aircraft in the air or on the ground, but attendance is at the discretion of each owner.

The Events page lists upcoming airshows. Events marked as “max effort” generally have a significant CWB presence.

If your event is not listed, please contact our Operations Officer.

Aircraft Marshalling

Aircraft and marshaller
Our team of dedicated marshallers ensure aircraft movement on air show ramps is conducted safely. They help physically organize aircraft for display, clear visitors from the ramp before it goes “hot” for engine start, coordinate engine starts, ensure that aircraft powered movements within the ramp are conducted safely, and guide aircraft to and from their displays safely, efficiently, and in order. Plus, we’re warbird enthusiasts, so we enjoy talking to the crowds about the aircraft on display!
Not a warbird pilot? Join us! There’s nothing like standing ten feet away from the concussive thumping of a 1000hp radial engine.
Learn how to operate safely near turning propellers. Aspiring marshallers are trained by the most experienced members of our team. Operating at some venues requires recurrent training. Contact our Chief Marshaller with any questions.