Cascade Warbirds publishes an award-winning quarterly newsletter, the Warbird Flyer, highlighting the best activities and news about our members, warbirds, and veterans.

The Warbird Flyer was recognized by EAA as one of two deserving 2019’s Newsletter Editor Award, the second time it has been recognized!


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From the editor…

Our newsletter is about all of us members and only continues to be successful with broad participation. I am here to facilitate members interacting with each other.

What do you want to read about? What do you want to share with other members? Are you willing to contribute stories and photos or to work with other members to share their stories? I will handle editing and publishing, so no need to be a great writer. Or, we can simply talk.

  • Will you be a semi-regular contributor on a rotating series of technical topics, such as maintenance, medical, formation flying, or safety?
  • Do you have a relevant story to tell about a veteran, past or present?
  • Have you read a good book or watched a good film about warbirds? Share a brief review.
  • Do you have a question for a warbird expert or a comment about a story? Let’s start a letters column.

This newsletter is for and dependent on you – everything you do in the warbird community, your interests, and your contributions to fellow squadron members. Thank you all for your support!

For questions or correspondence, please contact the Newsletter Editor.


Are you interested to reach our hundreds of warbird owner, pilot, and aviation enthusiast members while supporting Cascade Warbirds missions and programs? We would love to have you join our supporters!

We’ll be working on the following information, but until then please contact our Finance Officer and Newsletter Editor.

  • Our sponsorship packet describes our membership demographics
  • Our rate sheet lists the current advertising options and rates
  • Our media guide describes mechanical guidelines for producing your content