(Updated 20 Aug 2019)

EAA selected our Cascade Warbirds newsletter editor for the 2019 Newsletter Editor Award!

It is my sincere pleasure to announce that you have been chosen as a 2019 Chapter Newsletter Editor Award winner. Your hours of hard work contribute to the success of your chapter and  foster the growth of sport aviation. Your contributions are recognized and appreciated by your fellow chapter members. You are truly deserving of this award. The chapter newsletter is one of the most important tools of communication a chapter has to keep members and prospective members informed and engaged, for both the day-to-day, future events, and happenings of the chapter. Please accept my sincere congratulations for this great achievement.

You and other award recipients will be honored at the 2019 EAA AirVenture Oshkosh Chapter Leaders Breakfast on Saturday, July 27 beginning at 8:00 a.m. in the Founders Wing at the EAA Aviation Museum.

John Egan – Chapters Manager, EAA

From the EAA chapter awards website: “Newsletters are one of the main communication link for chapters. Composing a monthly chapter newsletter that is informative, easy to read and interesting is a daunting task for the newsletter editor. Newsletters are judged on consistency, appearance, layout, and content.”

Editor John sent in the following comments.

Hello, Chapter Leaders, from Cascade Warbirds, EAA Warbird squadron 2, in the Pacific Northwest. How unfortunate that I wasn’t able to fly into AirVenture again this year! Thank you, EAA, for recognizing my efforts to further professionalize our squadron newsletter, built on the work done by my predecessor. More so, thanks are deserved to my fellow Cascade Warbirds members. While newsletter editors do the lengthy work of visual design, layout, editing, handling ads, writing articles, touching up photos, hunting down details for correctness, and other tasks, the quality of my finished product is largely dependent on the articles and photos submitted by our membership. We have many members who attend different events as participants, as attendees, and as photographers; we have members in leadership roles who need to communicate to everyone; we have many members with interesting stories from their histories as veterans or from working in aerospace. I can present it well, but the content is king!

I also wish to thank EAA for creating and supporting the Chapters office, which leverages a small staff of dedicated and knowledgeable people to strengthen and recognize the thousands who run the chapters. They spread best practices information across the country to help energize chapters and offer new ideas. The chapter leadership boot camp is excellent and I encourage all chapter leaders who haven’t attended one to do so. They also provide one of the few things they can to those who dedicate their time and expertise to their members: recognition. While none of us put in our efforts in order to receive an award, I greatly appreciate being recognized for the time and energy I, and others, invested in renewing our newsletter and website.

Thank you!

Thank you to all who have contributed words and images to our newsletter. We are being recognized for it. Keep it up!

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