From the Museum of Flight…

We have received new procedures effective immediately where KCIA in cooperation with the FAA and the MOF, have created new safety protocols for airport ingress and egress to increase security and limit liability.  Pilots will no longer be able to open the gate from the airfield side to the landside.

Here is a summary of the new procedures:

  • Blue Box parking procedures – Arrival
    • Between 0700-1700 call MOF Security to be let into the Museum parking lot.
      • 206-920-9770
    • Security will complete a quick form documenting pilot name/date/aircraft number/approximate exit time.
    • Between 1700-0700 call KCIA Ops for entry.
      • 206-296-7334
  • Blue Box parking procedures – Departure
    • Between 0700-1700 call MOF security who will check your ID to confirm your access to airfield and then open the gate for you.
    • Between 1700-0700 call KCIA Ops for access.

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