Another example of Cascade Warbirds bringing people together! Our CO, John “Smokey” Johnson, brought some joy to a Korean War-era pilot sequestered in a care home. Our Public Relations Officer, Kerry Edwards, was contacted out of the blue by a friend of this veteran, who wanted to help him celebrate his 82nd birthday after discovering Cascade Warbirds online.

Smokey writes:

Did a birthday fly-by for an 82-year-old veteran in the Port Townsend Life Care Center this afternoon. Kerry Edwards sent me an email last night that I read at 2330 hrs. just before bedtime. I said I would help out if I could. I got up this morning and the weather was improving so I called Fred Van Acker in Texas who set all this in motion and told him I thought I could get it accomplished.

I pulled out the T-6 and did a thorough preflight and engine run and warm up as it has been awhile since I flew it. Had to go over to Sequim to get some fuel then headed over to PT. I knew where the facility is located because I was sent a nice map. It was located at the west end of the lagoon by the Co-Op.

As I approached, I saw a helicopter hovering out over the water. I made radio contact with the chopper and advised him of my plan. It turned out to be Air 4, the KOMO news helicopter. I made four banana passes with 90-270 turns at each end with smoke on, keeping him in sight and making sure I was 1000′ AGL above everything.

Nice to get out, fly, and help someone have a special Happy Birthday.

Read the article by the Peninsula Daily News!

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