1953 Beechcraft C-45H – $87,500

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N6495D ser.# AF-449
Total time 11,014
SMOH 191/302
X-ray due @11,920 Canadian Aerocon Spar Mod
Annual done Apr 2018
Gross Wt. 9465, Empty Wt. 6291
10-place interior, seats easily removed

  • Auto fuel STC
  • Cargo door with airstair
  • Hamilton Standard props 60-month AD done June 29, 2016
  • Co-pilot instruments
  • Mark 12D with GS
  • Val Com 760
  • King transponder with encoder
  • Intercom with clearance recorder
  • 202 gal. Fuel
  • Aircraft jack, tow bar
  • Standard Airworthiness Certificate
  • New military style paint, new windshield, battery, nice 10-place interior

WWII history: Was originally a ’43 AT-7 that served on skis in Fairbanks during WWII. Then remanufactured by Beech as a ’53 C45H. History courtesy of Bob Parmerter, author of Beech 18: A Civil and Military History.

Hi Steve,
Here is the history I’ve compiled. Corrections, additions & questions are always welcomed.
AF-449 C-45H 51-11892 USAF Remanuf by Beech from T-7 43-33306 c/n 5469. Deliv SAC Lockbourne AFB 9Jul53. 3801st Operations Grp, Air University Maxwell AFB modif to C-45H Dec57. SOC & transf (without reimbursement) by the 3800th Air Base Wing, Maxwell AFB to the U.S. Tennessee Valley Authority, Wilson Dam, AL 7Dec59. Reg’d 1Jul60 as N6495D at T.V.A. Hangar, Muscle Shoals, AL. Civil cvtd 30Aug60 including 20″ round camera opening in cabin floor & high pressure oxygen system in cabin. CofA 26Sep60. Conrad mods installed 2Nov65. Jack Adams Aircraft Sales Inc, Walls, MS BS 31Jul72. Sam Vires dba Midsouth Aircraft Sales, Memphis, TN BS 8Aug72. W. Manning Harris, Columbia, SC BS 24Oct72. Six County Corp of SC (W. Manning Harris, Pres), Columbia, SC BS 28Nov73. Canadian Aerocon spar strap installed 28Dec73. R.C.D. Inc, Traverse City, MI BS 29Oct75. United Jersey Bank, Hackensack, NJ BS 10Nov77. Sizer Airways, Rochester, MN BS 15Nov77. Cargo door & floor installed 8Jun78. Accid 18Apr79 Firestone, CO hit fence on forced landing off arpt when out of gas on pleasure flt. 1 uninj. Peter Terry, Friday Harbor, WA (later Firestone, CO then Bellingham, WA) BS 5Nov80. Approval for ops with door off for skydiving or for dropping cattle feed 21Oct86. Hewitt Avn (Steven J. Hewitt), Tacoma (later Auburn), WA BS 22Dec95. Skydiving handrail above door, handholds & door step installed 10Apr96. Compiled by Bob Parmerter Dec 2010.
Bob Parmerter

See page 153 of Bob Parmerter’s book “Beech 18: A Civil & Military History” – SJH

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