A closer look at our squadron 

Flight of SNJ's

A trio of SNJ's over Puget Sound


Fred Smyth taxies a T-34B

SNJ-5  İDave Desmon

Rod Richardson's SNJ-5 İDave Desmon

SNJ Diamond İRob VanDhyke

T-6/SNJ diamond formation İRob VanDhyke

Jim Morgan's B-25J  

Dr. Brian Adams in a  P-51D 

Pair of T-28 Trojans

Executive Board, Board of Directors, and Subordinate Officers for years 2018 thru 2019

CO Ron Morrell CWBcommander@gmail.com
  XO Dave Desmon davedesmon@yahoo.com
  Ops Officer John Johnson smokeys49@hotmail.com
Finance Officer
Fred  C. Smyth fred @ fcsmyth.com
  At-large John Clark monstrok @ hotmail.com
Board of Directors  PR Officer Kerry Edwards postbox2006@frontier.com
  B-17 Tour Stop Coordinator Dan Shoemaker shoemaker65@hotmail.com
  Member David Osgood  
  Scholarship Committee Chair Pete Jackson SongbirdT50@AOL.com
  Member Kent Mehrer kentmwa@aol.com
  Chief Marshaller Paul Youman pdyouman@frontier.com
Subordinate Officers      
  Veterans Liaison Brandon Edwards ambassadorbrando21@gmail.com
  Museum of Flight Liaison Tom Cathcart tcathcart@museumofflight.org
  Scholarship Fundraising Open Position  
  Chief Photographer Dan Shoemaker photography@cascadewarbirds.org
  Heritage Flight Museum Liaison Greg Anders greg@heritageflight.org
  Newsletter Editor John Haug editor @ cascadewarbirds.org
  Historic Flight Foundation Liaison Open Position  
  Safety Officer Open Position