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(TBD) April 6 - Pilot safety meeting, Museum of Flight, Seattle, WA (10:00 am)

April 13 - Formation "knock the rust off", Heritage Flight Museum, Burlington, WA (10:00 am)

July 11-14 - Formation Flying, LLC Northwest Formation Flying Clinic, Bremerton, WA (non-CWB event)

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Benton Air Faire has announced its fly-in / classic car / military vehicle air show will be held October 5, 2019

Heritage Flight Museum has announced its Fly Days for 2019

FOR SALE: Cessna O-2A
Cessna O-2A

FOR SALE: Beechcraft C-45H
Beechcraft C-45H

FOR SALE: Flight helmet and parachute
Flight helmetParachute

FOR SALE: Nanchang CJ-6A - SOLD!
Nanchang CJ-6A

FOR SALE: Nanchang CJ-6A - SOLD!
Nanchang CJ-6A



T-6 Texan at Arlington Airport, WA
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