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Cascade Warbirds Squadron #2

Minutes of the Meeting of the Board of Directors

12 March 2005

Directors in attendance: Desmon, High, Kinchen, Rombauer, Jackson, Almstead, Williams, Morley, Granley, Owens, Caruso and Smyth

Directors absent: Sherman, Richardson, and Hill

The CO called the meeting to order at 1240 hours.

The topic of the meeting was to discuss the relationship the squadron has with NWEAA for the annual Arlington Fly-In and the response the squadron received to our recent request for a $10,000 donation to aid us with this year's event. Dave, Pete, and Fred met earlier this week with NWEAA President Ron Jacobson, Executive Director Barbara Tolbert, and Fly-In Manager Jim Scott where the request was brought forward. 

Dave reported that just the previous evening Jim Scott had said that NWEAA would "do everything possible to help CWB obtain that amount of money" and that Barbara and Fred should get together ASAP to start that process.

Fred reported that for 2004, CWB members had turned in to NWEAA time cards totaling 2,550 hours of volunteer labor for which NWEAA received grant money. He further reported that for the four years 2001 through 2004 the squadron had spent $33,000 of its own money to put on what has become known as "AWO Island."

Motion by Smyth, second by Williams, that the board hereby appoints a committee of CO Desmon, FO Smyth, and AWO Chair Jackson to renew the request with NWEAA with these particulars:
a cash donation of $10,000 to CWB,
with a decision on that request NLT 1 April 2005,
with the funds to be received by the squadron NLT a date to be determined by said committee,
or CWB will be unable to have "an organized presence"* at NWEAA 2005.

("an organized presence" is understood to mean AWO Island, with its attendant tents, forums, PX, PSMVCC, book-signers, CWB BBQ dinner, warbird marshalling, etc.)

The vote was unanimous, 12 - 0 in favor of the motion.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at approximately 1335 hours.

For Cascade Warbirds Squadron #2

Fred C. Smyth
Adjutant/Finance Officer