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Meeting Minutes from the February 12th, 2005 Board Meeting


Cascade Warbirds Squadron #2

Minutes of the Meeting of the Board of Directors
12 February 2005

Directors in attendance: High, Kinchen, Rombauer, Jackson, Almstead, Williams, Morley and Smyth
Directors absent: Sherman, Richardson, Hill, Granley, Owens, Caruso, and Desmon

There being a quorum present (5), the XO called the meeting to order at 1315 hours.

1. NWOC - Fred reviewed the particulars for our "booth" in the Warbird Wings Exhibits 

2. Christmas Dinner Party - Fred reported the results of the member poll he was tasked to accomplish. Motion by Williams, second by Morley to hold the 2005 Annual Christmas Dinner Party in the I-5 corridor and have Fred chair the event. Motion passed 7 - 1. 

3. Ken commented that the venue for the Annual Bud Granley Roast would be held at Ammirato's Airshow Bar & Grill.

4. Pete reported on Dave's recent meeting with Jim Scott, a board member and principal of NWEAA. The two most important items taken away from Dave's meeting with Jim were (1) Jim's surprise at the amount of money CWB spends every year to put on AWO Island, and (2) that Jim and the NWEAA folks readily admit the overall attendance draw provided by CWB. 

5. Fred reported on the recent meeting he and Dave had with the Hillsboro Air Show folks. It is their impression that the HIO folks are appreciative of CWB and will make any future visit more pleasant for our members.

6. Curt commented that our 2005 schedule would be more firm after Dave returned from NWCAS.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at approximately 1440 hours.

For Cascade Warbirds Squadron #2

Fred C. Smyth
Adjutant/Finance Officer