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  Cascade Warbirds Squadron #2
Minutes of the Meeting of the Membership
11 February 2006, Museum of Flight, Seattle

The XO Curt Kinchen called the meeting to order at 1015 hours. There were 22 members and guests in attendance.

1 - Introductions of guests were made: Cliff Hubbard, Phil Mack, Al Lloyd

2 - Fred mentioned the need to pay 2006 dues, the availability of Reno Air Race tickets, and the continuing availability of Squadron shirts and other regalia.

3 - John Clark, Squadron photographer (and web meister) donated to the PX three DVDs of the picture show from the Christmas party.

4 - Curt mentioned seasonal activities with firm dates, to wit: CWB Day at MoF, 20 May; B-17 Tour Stop, 24 - 29 May; and Kelso, 4 - 6 August. He said the rest of the schedule was being finalized this weekend at NWCAS in Vancouver (with Desmon and Anders in attendance). 

5 - Paul Youman put out a sign-up sheet for marshalers for this season.

6. - Al Lloyd, accomplished author and Boeing customer service representative, was our guest speaker. He gave us a very interesting photo tour of Boeing's involvement with strategic aircraft.

8 - Margaret Berry won the door prize (donated by Jack Allen).

9 - Bill Holloman, featured speaker today at a MoF presentation in the Allen Theater, stopped in and introduced fellow Tuskegee Airman Ed Drummond.

10 - Curt mentioned that the March membership meeting, scheduled for 11 March, will likely be held at the MoF Restoration Facility at Paine Field.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 11:20 and members broke for lunch.

For the Squadron

Fred C. Smyth
Adjutant/Finance Officer