Cascade Warbirds Biography #2 images courtesy of Fred C. Smyth 
CW2 Fred C. Smyth USA - Ret.

Fred was an Army helicopter pilot during the Viet Nam war. Stationed in III Corps at Tay Ninh, just northwest of Saigon, he flew the OH-6A Cayuse (LOH) as a Scout pilot for Headquarters and Headquarters Company – 1st Brigade (Airmobile) of the 1st Cavalry Division. From June, 1969, until September, 1969, he accumulated some 300 hours of combat time that only ended because he was shot out of the air and severely wounded. 


Fred's decorations include the Air Medal, the Purple Heart, and the Distinguished Flying Cross (
Upon return to the States and after nearly a year’s convalescence, Fred was medically retired from the service.  He returned to school to complete his business degree, and then he relocated to Alaska where he flew helicopters and float planes for nearly 13 years. After leaving Alaska, he returned to his original home in Oak Harbor, WA, and managed the Navy’s Flying Club for seven years. His ratings include ATP – Rotorcraft – Helicopter with Commercial privileges, Single Engine Land and Sea with Instrument – Airplane. To date, his flight time exceeds 4,000 hours.
Fred joined Cascade Warbirds in 1996 and since 1999 has been our Finance Officer. You can find him at nearly every squadron event, whether indoor meeting, neighborhood fly-in, or full-fledged air show, where for the price of a drink, he’ll tell you what he wants you to know.


Most of his friends believe that he entered the Army Aviation Warrant Officer program because his mother was a WASP and his father an Army Air Corps pilot. But Fred says the real reason he enlisted was so he would not be drafted as a ground-pounder. If only he would have known!
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