Cascade Warbirds Squadron #2

Minutes of the Meeting of the Board of Directors

09 February 2008, Museum of Flight, Seattle


The meeting was called to order by the CO at 1250 hours


Directors in attendance: Almstead, Anders, Bauer, Caruso, Desmon, High, Jackson, Kinchen, Owens, Smyth, Teeters, and Williams


Directors absent: Sherman, Rombauer, and Nadeau


1 - Board members will be given the opportunity each meeting to critique the minutes from the previous meeting.


2 - Work is continuing on suggested changes to the squadron purposes section of the bylaws.  The accumulated input was provided for review.  A committee of five (Anders, Chair; Desmon; Owens; Kinchen; and Smyth) will comb through the material and recommend changes to the full board.  It is the intention of the Committee and the Board to have the recommended changes provided to the membership well in advance of the Annual Meeting in November, at which time the members will be asked to vote on them.


3 - Work is also progressing on a Policy and Procedures Manual.  Bauer is working with Greg.  Curt will email to all the info he has been accumulating.  This manual is to be the board's "how-to" document and will specify training, insurance, and other minima necessary to participate at a squadron event (as distinguished from an "event manual" that will lay out procedures and suggestions for members' conduct).


Discussion also ensued IRT the existing liability policy.  There seem to be some inconsistencies among the forms provided by EAA and the Coverage Summary we received does not answer all our questions.  Greg and Fred will do more study on the topic; we'll have further discussion in March.


4 - Volunteer re-branding - Our volunteers provide more to an event that simple grunt labor.  As such, their training and other professional aspects are of value to event hosts.  This, then, should encourage our hosts to pick up some of the expenses associated with CWB providing these personnel.    We will start educating our hosts this season.


5 - AWO 2008 - The Squadron will return to AWO this year.  Some thoughts and decisions:

(a)- Crash suggested Saturday be declared "Julie Clark Day" and that she be voted an Honorary Member.  Crash will pay for a "Brats, Beer, and Burgers" meal that evening (less a $5 fee to be paid by attendees).  M/S to do so; approved unanimously.  (b) - The question was asked "How can we get our A/C owners to spend time around their planes to provide some education to civilians?"  We'll try to find some answers.  (c) - Bill High said PSMVCC will host "camping" CWBers at their encampment.  (d) - Tony and Carter will work to get both AHS and CAP personnel involved with us at AWO this year.  (e) Pete and Bill will work on a plan for a main entranceway to the CWB/PSMVCC area.


6 - Budget amendment - The publishing software we thought we could acquire as a non-profit, we cannot. M/S to increase our line item for software by not-to-exceed $300.  Motion passed.


7 - 2008 event recap: Both McChord and Fairchild will have air shows this season.  We have received an invitation to Fairchild but have not yet received one for McChord.  Also, Moses Lake will happen; more details to come.


8 - Discussion of scholarship action taken last month.  Some thought a portion of the $1,500 budgeted was to help defray transportation expenses should sponsorship for the travel not be found; others didn't.  M/S to use up to $500 of the $1,500 to defray award winners' travel expenses (thus leaving two awards at $500 each plus the $500 for travel = $1,500 total).  Motion passed 8 - 4.


9 - Mention was made of a new military program IRT today's service members:  "Why We Serve."


10 - Doug (and others) updated us on the situation at King County/BFI IRT the landing fee/parking fee issue.


There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 1515 hours.


For the Squadron




Fred C. Smyth

Adjutant/Finance Officer