Cascade Warbirds Squadron #2


Minutes of the Meeting of the Board of Directors

14 Nov 2009, Historic Flight at Kilo 6, Paine Field, WA


The CO called the meeting to order at about 1350 hours. 


Present:  Anders, Desmon, Kinchen, Smyth, Almstead, Caruso, High, Jackson, Owens, Nadeau, Rombauer, Sherman, Williams


Absent: Morrell, Teeters


Minutes: The minutes of the 10 October 2009 meeting were approved as read.


Executive Board:  Greg reported on the recent Exec board meeting and the topics we touched on, specifically the new personnel roster we are developing.  Other areas we will look into include:  squadron clubhouse, airplane restoration, PX viability, potential travel to EAA, etc.


Nominating Committee:  Frank reported on the status of the committee’s efforts.  The proffered slate of candidates will go out to the board approximately 1 December and to the membership, as required by the bylaws, by 10 December.  The comment was made that a leadership position in the squadron does not require membership on the board of directors.


Scholarship Committee:  Pete advised the board that the committee will recommend sending four students, to be chosen from AHS and CAP, to AirVenture in 2010.  The committee will ask for a budget of $4,000 to do this, with a contingency of another $1,000 in case EAA does not discount two tuitions by $500 each.  Greg mentioned that there had been no real report presented in regard to the 2009 program and he wanted that report before the 2010 budget was discussed.  Pete will have the report ready in January.


Arlington (AWO Island):  AWO Island 2009, including both high points and low points, was discussed.  Plans for AWO 2010 were introduced, to include Bill High telling us about PSMVCC and affiliates.  Pete showed us the budget that he’ll ask us to approve in January.  Greg said he will soon be in touch with Barb IRT a new MoU.  The following motion was seconded and approved: The CO shall be authorized to engage the Arlington Fly-In staff in a MoU for CWB participation in AWO 2010 similar in intent and structure to the 2009 MoU.


The other two agenda items, upcoming Winter Activities and Summer Activities Debrief, were not addressed due to the length and variety of comments IRT the AWO item.


There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at about 1545 hours.


For the Squadron




Fred C. Smyth
Adjutant/Finance Officer