Cascade Warbirds Squadron #2


Minutes of the Meeting of the Membership

14 Nov 2009, Historic Flight at Kilo 6, Paine Field, WA


The meeting was called to order by the CO at approximately 10:30 AM; there were 63 members and guests in attendance (our largest crowd ever).


·        Members had been asked to bring chairs.  Awards were given to the five most outlandish chairs.  Paul Youman won the award for the most outlandish of all the entries.

·        New members were introduced.  Guests were introduced.  Vets were thanked for their service.

·        Host John Sessions was thanked for his hospitality and a Grumpy T-shirt was awarded him in honor of his repatriation of the Mitchell B-25D named Grumpy.

·        The CO briefly reviewed the purposes of the squadron as set out in our bylaws and made mention of the various possibilities members may encounter as they attempt to get involved with the squadron.  He added that this was an ongoing topic being addressed by the board.

·        Fred asked members to pay 2010 annual dues, invited attendance at our annual dinner party, and reminded folks that Reno tickets are available.

·        Winter meetings were reviewed, to include ICAS, NWCAS, and NWOC.

·        Ed’s Safety Minute was about the sterile cockpit concept.  He encouraged us to develop and use some semblance of what the commercial carriers do.

·        Greg mentioned his recent incident in the P-51 with a shorted-out fuel pump resistor, the resultant smoke, and his handling of the event.  He encouraged us to think through what he calls the “three levels of concern” in regards to responding to incidents, to wit: 1) land NOW!, 2) land soon, or 3) continue as planned.

·        Our Know Your Warbird segment featured the Mitchell B-25 bomber.  Dave Desmon led off with details of its development, and other facts.  Merrill Wein, who had at one time owned this particular airplane, talked about operating B-25s as fire bombers, and John Sessions finished up with the story of acquiring this airplane and flying it across the Atlantic to return it home.  The members expressed much appreciation for the presentations.


There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at about 12:30 for lunch.


For the Squadron




Fred C. Smyth
Adjutant/Finance Officer