Cascade Warbirds Squadron #2

Minutes of the Meeting of the Board of Directors

13 January 2007, Museum of Flight, Seattle


The meeting was called to order at 1135 hours by CO Desmon.


Directors in attendance: Rombauer, Jackson, Smyth, Desmon, Almstead, Owens, Bauer, Williams, Teeters, High, Kinchen, Anders, and Renquist


Directors absent: Sherman and Caruso


Invited guest: Rick Fernalld


The following business was transacted:


          Rick and Crash reported on their meeting with the folks at NWEAA regarding CWB's possible return to AWO. It was their impression that NWEAA and CWB could resume a synergistic relationship.


M/S: That CWB pursue a partnership with NWEAA that will facilitate meeting the objectives of both organizations and allow CWB to return to AWO in 2007. As an example, one definition of "partnership" might include mutual board members and transparent budgets.


The debate was spirited and extensive. The motion passed 11 - 2, all voting "Aye" save Smyth and Almstead who voted "Nay".


          M/S: Designate anew the Squadron's Honorary members. Motion passed on a voice vote.


          Fred presented the 2006 financials and answered several questions. M/S: Accept the 2006 financials into the records. Motion passed on a voice vote.


          Dave asked whether the Board wished to address the issue of a scholarship award to a student of Aviation High School. M/S: Table the discussion; motioned passed on a voice vote.


          Fred presented the proposed 2007 budget. M/S: Approve the budget as presented. Motion passed on a voice vote. (Note: The Board agreed to return to the 2007 budget in the afternoon session.)


          The Exec. Comm. will work with the Kelso Fly-In sponsor to establish a date for 2007.


          A "Bylaws Review Comm" was appointed; serving are Owens, Bauer, Rombauer, & Anders


          The Board recessed at 1355 hours to attend the Kloppenburg DFC award presentation. The Board meeting resumed at 1500 hours. Remaining in attendance were Anders, Bauer, Desmon, Smyth, Teeters, Almstead, Rombauer, Owens, and Jackson. A quorum remained.


          Dinner banquet venue and date: The consensus was to return to the Hawthorn unless a "better" place could be found, such as Embassy Suites. The date will be 1 December 2007.


          Newsletter sponsorship: Dave was encouraged to contact the NWOC participants, as an example, to obtain sponsorship for our quarterly newsletter.


          The Board discussed amending the 2007 budget to provide funds for AWO 2007. M/S: Amend the 2007 budget in the interim amount of $4,000. The motion passed 7 - 2.


There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at approximately 1600 hours.


For Cascade Warbirds Squadron #2




Fred C. Smyth

Adjutant/Finance Officer