Cascade Warbirds Squadron #2

Minutes of the Meeting of the Board of Directors

12 January 2008, Museum of Flight, Seattle


The meeting was called to order at 1230 hours by the CO


Directors in attendance: Anders, Desmon, Rombauer, High, Jackson, Caruso, Almstead, Bauer, Owens, Nadeau, Smyth, Kinchen


Directors absent: Sherman, Teeters, Williams,


1 - Greg said the board's review of the squadron's purposes, as stated in the bylaws, and the goals will be addressed at length at the February meeting.  The intent is to have suggested bylaw changes ready to present to the members well prior to the Annual Meeting in November in order to give time for appropriate consideration prior to calling for a vote on their revision.


2 - Discussion ensued regarding the implementation of a Policies and Procedures Manual.  With increasing concerns regarding liability issues, and whether those who want to fly with us are qualified to do so, such a manual seems wise.  A committee of Bauer, Chair; Anders; Desmon; Kinchen; and Owens will work on this project.


3 - Tony stated a concern that his title of PAO may lead outsiders to believe he speaks officially for the squadron.   He wishes not to be thrust into that position and would rather be thought of as the Public Relations Officer.  The board agreed.  The position of PAO will be discussed when the board discusses the "Purposes" of the organization.  Additionally, Dave Desmon was appointed Government Liaison Officer.


4 - Pete gave a short report from the Scholarship Committee, highlighting possibilities for this year's award.  The committee will continue their work in order to propose a program that might fit with the squadron's purposes.  Fred asked to join the committee and no objection was voiced.


5 - A few minutes were spent discussing the season's flying schedule and an update on the probable Moses Lake Fly-In was heard.


6 - Greg gave an update on the AWO Fly-In situation, to include his meeting with Barb Tolbert.  In response to a renewed invitation from NWEAA, the board unanimously asked Bill High and the pair of Pete Jackson and Betty Sherman to stand for election to two seats on NWEAA's Advisory Board.  In sum, Greg recommends that CWB return to AWO this year.


7 - Fred presented the 2007 financials.  After several questions, and upon motion and second, the financials were accepted into the record.


8 - Fred presented the 2008 proposed budget for consideration.  The following line items were amended by motion, both of which were approved:  the Arlington fly-in was increased to $1,500 and the scholarship was specified as being for EAA Airventure with 3 awards to be given at $500 each.  Recipients will be chosen at a later date.  Fred stated the software cost requested by the newsletter crew would likely cost only $160.  Upon motion and second, the 2008 budget was approved with these amendments.


9 - Greg stated the EAA renewal would be submitted at the $1MM liability level.


There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 1545 hours.


For the Squadron



Fred C. Smyth

Adjutant/Finance Officer