Cascade Warbirds Squadron #2


Minutes of the Meeting of the Membership

12 January 2008, Museum of Flight, Seattle


The CO called the meeting to order at 1010 hours. There were approximately 35 members and guests in attendance.


The following occurred:


         Guests were introduced and distinguished members were welcomed.

         Greg made some opening comments IRT (1) the importance of the squadron's activities being responsive to the members' needs, and (2) the board reviewing the stated purposes of the squadron.

         The following presentations were made: (1) A plaque to Rick Bray for his help as a Marshaller in 2007, (2) EAA Service Awards to the squadron officers for their work in 2007, and (3) A framed photo with member autographs to Dave Desmon, outgoing CO, in appreciation of his six-year tenure.

         We all wished a "Happy Birthday" to Margaret Berry, our very own Rosie the Riveter.

         Fred (1) reminded members to pay 2008 dues, (2) asked for comments IRT our recent Christmas dinner party, (3) asked members to keep the squadron advised of changes in email addresses, snail mail addresses, and if they were EAA/WOA members.

         The following announcements were made: (1) Oshkosh is 23 - 29 July, there is still room in the squadron house, (2) NWCAS is 9 - 10 Feb, (3) A quick look was had of our summer schedule with emphasis on the conflicts of the 8 - 10 August weekend, (4) The B-17 will be here 19 - 26 May, and CWB Day should be that weekend (5) PAE will have their GA Day again this year, (6) the PSAAC Antique Air Tour will be 11 - 12 August.

         Ed Rombauer's "Safety Minute" mentioned a recent accident where water frozen in the sump could not be drained and, thus, caused a loss of power when the aircraft was airborne and the ice thawed.

         Our "Know Your Warbird" feature was presented by Fred Smyth on the Hughes OH-6A Cayuse, which he flew in Viet Nam.


There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 11:20 hours.


For the Squadron



Fred C. Smyth
Adjutant/Finance Officer