Cascade Warbirds Squadron #2

Minutes of the Annual Meeting of the Board of Directors

11 November 2006, Museum of Flight, Seattle


The meeting was called to order at 1320 hours by CO Desmon.


Directors in attendance: Rombauer, Jackson, Smyth, Caruso, Desmon, Almstead, Owens, Bauer, Williams, and Teeters


Directors absent: Sherman, Renquist, Anders, Kinchen, and High


         PAO Tony Caruso discussed his inability to travel to all squadron events and wondered if that was adversely affecting the squadron. He was assured that it was not and he was promised assistance when needed.

         Fred presented the preliminary 2007 budget and requested board members contact him with potential changes. The budget is to be approved at the January, 2007, meeting.

         Possible NWOC sponsorship in 2007 was discussed. Motion and second to again sponsor the Conference at the $500 level. Motion passed.

         Discussion following regarding a possible scholarship grant for an individual to attend the EAA Air Academy. This was broadened to include our possible work with the local Aviation High School, and whether a scholarship for one of their students was in order. The consensus of the board was that (1) we needn't decide until January re: the Air Academy, and (2) it was really too soon to discuss specifics about a relationship with AHS. Becky Desmon, currently an AHS mentor, was appointed Liaison with AHS and she has scheduled a meeting with their staff on 17 December 2006.

         AWO Update: The letter and advocacy document (see October board minutes) were delivered to the WBA Board. The mailing to members (also see October board minutes) will be delayed until Crash Williams and Rick Fernalld have a meeting with NWEAA's Barb Tolbert, scheduled for 17 November 2006, and report the results. Note: This meeting was at the personal request of Crash Williams.

         Spring fly-by training: Agreed to be a good idea. Ops O to coordinate with HFM's Alan Anders to see about holding it in conjunction with one of their Open House events, hopefully in April.

         Carter Teeters updated us on the Flying Heritage Collection. They are to move from AWO of PWT approx. 1 July 2007. They are reviewing their business plan and any possible flying with CWB is conjecture at this point.



There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at approximately 1450 hours.


For Cascade Warbirds Squadron #2




Fred C. Smyth

Adjutant/Finance Officer