CWB # 2 Minutes of the Meeting of the Board – 10 November 2012, MoF, Seattle

The meeting was called to order at 1:35 PM

Present: Morrell, Clark, Rombauer, Smyth, Desmon, Jackson, Kopp, Youman, Williams, Hill, Nadeau, Owens

Absent: Anders, Almstead, Caruso

Upon M/S, the reading of the minutes of the previous meeting was waived.

Ron reviewed the EAA situation. He said he is in talks with the powers and that he has passed along some of our concerns. He wants all board members to email him with points to be passed along. At this juncture, it isn't even known whether the B-17 will be coming to Seattle in 2013. Further discussion of a possible contribution to the B-17 repair fund is postponed until January.

The Lethbridge, Alberta, air show was briefly discussed.

Ron encouraged all board members who have squadron tasks other than that of board member to continue with their appointment and education of back-ups.

Tabled from the October meeting was the motion to accept from Crash the sum of $1,250 and apply that to a ELITE level sponsorship of NWOC 2013. After some discussion, M/S to amend that by sponsoring at the BASIC level for $500 with no contribution from Crash. Further discussion ensued, then M/S to again amend and accept from Crash the sum of $500 and sponsor at the BASIC level ($500). That motion passed.

Tabled from the October meeting was Paul Youman's request to authorize a shoulder patch for marshallers and approve a design. Paul stated that he had modified the earlier design and placed the order. It was the consensus of the board that Paul had misunderstood the October action. Paul will cancel the above-referenced order and present a revised design at the January meeting.

Paul then reported on the annual meeting of the marshalling corps, stating that they reviewed the current hand signals in use and discussed the year's events. Ron urged Paul to attend the first pilot briefing of the 2013 flying season so that he could hold a review session with the pilots.

Ron is still in the design stage of the survey to go out to our owners regarding how they decide which events to attend or not attend. He asked that suggestions for inclusions in the survey be emailed to him ASAP. He is targeting January to launch the survey.

Crash stated that he would like to see the Search For Excellence Award become an annual one presented at the Christmas dinner party. M/S to do so; motion passed.

Michael Kopp reviewed the VAW expenses incurred to host CWB members and repeated his earlier request that the 2013 budget provide for a greater donation from the squadron.

Pete Jackson mentioned that the scholarship program is being expanded to include some help to students for A&P training expenses at licensed schools. He also asked that if anyone had suggestions for scholarship activities, to contact him.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 3:10 PM

For the Squadron

Fred C Smyth