Cascade Warbirds Squadron # 2, Minutes of the Board of Directors' Meeting  9 November 2013, Museum of Flight, Seattle

The meeting was called to order at 1:35 PM

Present: Clark, Desmon, Hill, Jackson, Morrell, Smyth, Youman, Williams, Owens

Absent: Almstead, Anders, Caruso, Rombauer, Nadeau, Kopp,

1. We discussed at length the pluses and minuses of this year's B-17 tour stop. Ron is compiling data to submit an after-action report to EAA and Doug, who will head up our 2014 effort, will contact George Daubner this week to get the initial details for next year.

2. Dave reported that he had contacted George Daubner and Rick Fernalld regarding the squadron's request to have the half-price EAA Air Academy tuition privilege restored. Both Rick and George are in favor of this CWB scholarship program and are using their influence with EAA.

3. The Nominating Committee reported that they had just finished their work on the slate for the January, 2014, board election. Once the "new" nominees have responded to the committee, the board will be provided the full slate. The committee will email the slate to the membership on or before 11 December 2013.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 2:30PM

For the Squadron

Fred C Smyth