Cascade Warbirds Squadron #2                


Minutes of the Annual Meeting of the Membership

1 November 2008, Museum of Flight, Boeing Field


The CO called the meeting to order at 1007 hours.  There were approximately 34 members and guests in attendance.


The following occurred:


·         Guests and new members were introduced.

·         Jack La Bounty gave a brief report IRT his T-28 restoration project.

·         Alan Anders, in the Know Your Warbird segment, entertained us with the story of how he and the Heritage Flight Museum acquired and transported from Europe to Bellingham their AD-4 Skyraider.

·         Based on recommendations from the board of directors, the following were presented to the membership for their consideration:

·         M/S to amend Article 2 of the bylaws to change the wording of the squadron purposes (see attached page, section I) Motion passed unanimously.

·         M/S to establish a squadron mission statement, though not as a part of the bylaws (see attached page, section II) Motion passed unanimously.

·         M/S to change the months in which the annual meetings (Members’ and Board’s) are held (see attached page, section III) Motion passed unanimously.

·         From the floor:

·         A suggestion that we develop a “meet-and-greet” program as a way to increase awareness of the squadron and its activities.

·         A suggestion that we develop a mentoring program

·         Congratulation to Bob Hill for earning his FAST qualification, signed off  by Carter Teeters

·         Kathy Bauer is selling the four airplanes and other aviation-related items.

·         We will schedule a Spring-time knock-off-the-rust fly-by refresher program.  To that end, Alan, Rod, and Carter will use January’s KYW slot for the ground portion.

·         The marshallers were encouraged to develop a refresher training program, too.

·         Ron Morrell is now the Red Star district representative and will be promoting closer ties

·         TSA’s NPRM to have owners of aircraft over 12,500# GTOW establish a security program must be fought; contact your congressmen.

·         We’ve received word from EAA that the B-17 will be in Seattle for one full week of flying this next year – that increase is due to their happiness with our efforts.

·         Upcoming schedule

·         The Annual Christmas Dinner Party will be held 6 December at the Hawthorn Inn.  Details will be promulgated by email

·         Next meeting will be the 2009 Annual Meeting, and will be held on 10 January 2009

·         ICAS is scheduled for 8 – 11 December

·         NWCAS is scheduled for February in Seattle

·         Ed Rombauer’s Safety Minute – Ed suggested we put the winter season to work by reviewing our POHs and having somebody test our knowledge by asking questions directly from that manual.  He said we would most likely be surprised at what we knew and didn’t know.


There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 1145 hours.


For the Squadron



Fred C. Smyth
Adjutant/Finance Officer