Minutes of the Annual Meeting of the Board of Directors - 09 January 2010, Museum of Flight, Seattle


The CO called the meeting to order at 1306 hours. 


Present:  Anders, Desmon, Smyth, Almstead, Caruso, Jackson, Nadeau, Rombauer, Sherman, Williams, Morrell, and Clark


Absent: Teeters, Owens, Kinchen


·         The minutes of the 14 November 2009 meeting were approved as read.

·         Greg thanked Bill High for his service.  Greg welcomed John Clark to the board.

·         The Nom. Comm. is recast as the Personnel Committee (as in HR Dept) and Frank is the chair.  He and existing members will add more folks from volunteers.  The committee is establishing a plan to engage more members, and to include their roles and responsibilities.

·         Ron mentioned that Curt had appointed Ron as Assistant OPS O; the board concurred.

·         Fred presented the 2009 financials; upon motion and second, they were accepted.

·         Fred presented the proposed 2010 budget.  The “standard” line items were accepted; the following “special” items were discussed and approved by vote or consensus:

o        PX – In short, Fred, with help from many others too numerous to mention, has run the operation the past six years.  Considering the facts that he donates the hotel room cost when not provided by the venue, that the van is 14 years old and may soon need expensive maintenance, and that the current economy decimated sales last year, the PX does not net a huge profit.  No one has stepped forward to take a turn, so the PX effort in 2010 will be limited to the sale of logo merchandise.  The van will not be licensed or insured.  The board agreed to give the Exec Board the authority to “stand up” the PX if the situation changes.

o         Director Travel – The Exec Board thinks it appropriate for the CO or CO and another to travel to Oshkosh to meet with the WBA hierarchy.  The board concurs and authorizes the Exec Board to establish the final line item amount; $1,000 is currently approved. 

o        Marshalling – The board approved the marshaller request at $900.

o        Scholarship – Pete explained the selection process that includes an application with an essay.  He also mentioned that the committee wants to try ground school with flight lessons in addition to AirVenture scholarships.  The board approved $4,400 for 2010.  The committee also recommended that they be given tentative approval for 2011 in order that they may start the selection process; the board agreed and approved $5,000 for 2011.

o        Tony Caruso departed; a quorum remains.

o        AWO – Greg briefed in on his recent meeting with Barb; she said AWO had no offer for 2010 because their budget had not yet been finalized.  Crash said he’d met with Bill High who had a proposal for our consideration.  Apparently Bill’s NPMC has been given “control” of the “warbird” area at AWO and Bill suggested that CWB would work through him IRT attending Arlington 2010.  Bill mentioned that all our usual AWO expenses would be taken care of.  Talks failed to progress when Bill did not offer a substantive response to the question of safely marshalling warbird aircraft.  Upon motion and second, the board decided to spend no money for AWO 2010; the vote was 10 – 1.  If AWO does offer attendance money, we will discuss the issue at the February meeting.

·         Our schedule was discussed:  Feb meeting @ MoF; Mar @ Res. Center; Apr @ HFF. We also discussed NWCAS, NWOC, and summer flight activities.


There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at about 1552 hours.


For the Squadron



Fred C. Smyth
Adjutant/Finance Officer