Minutes of the Annual Meeting of the Membership


09 Jan 2010, Museum of Flight, Seattle, WA


The meeting was called to order by the CO at 10:05 AM; there were 42 members in attendance.


·         New members were welcomed, vets were identified and thanked

·         Greg handed out the annual EAA Service Awards

·         Fred reminded all it was time to pay 2010 dues and mentioned we have only a few seats left in our reserved boxes at Reno

·         Ed’s Safety Minute was a reminder to Fly The Airplane, regardless of what’s going on in the cockpit.

·         Greg’s Know Your Warbird segment was on the P-47, which he’s qual’d to fly, and how it compares to the P-51, which he’s qual’d to fly.  We all enjoyed the presentation and the film shown after.

·         Pete gave a presentation on the history of the squadron’s scholarship program and how the program is being expanded to include more selectees and more educational opportunities.  He also had a short essay from one of last year’s winners who attended AirVenture.

                                    Annual Meeting Phase

·          Frank presented a briefing detailing how the Nominating Committee worked through their responsibilities.  He presented their slate, to wit:


Frank Almstead             Greg Anders                 Tony Caruso

John Clark                    Dave Desmon               Pete Jackson

Curt Kinchen                Ron Morrell                  Warren Nadeau

Doug Owens                 Ed Rombauer                Betty Sherman

Fred C. Smyth               Carter Teeters              Crash Williams


Motion and second to elect this slate; overwhelmingly approved.

Motion and second to elect CO Anders, XO Desmon, Ops O Kinchen, FO/Adj

Smyth, and At-Large Almstead; overwhelmingly approved.

                             Annual Meeting Phase complete

·         Open floor comments and questions: 

o        Are paper newsletters necessary? Yes.

o        Can members opt out of mail delivery? Maybe.

o        Are FBOs getting copies?  Ten were, very expensive, no response from anyone, we’ll revisit the idea (especially Wings Aloft). 

o        Squadron calendars are available, thanks to the efforts of Lyle Jansma, John Clark, Al Sauer, and Jack Allen.

o        Paul mentioned his conversation with Warbird #1 Walt Ohlrich IRT the importance of engaging members.

·         Greg reviewed the Squadron Purposes section of our bylaws.


There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at about 11:45 for lunch.


For the Squadron




Fred C. Smyth
Adjutant/Finance Officer