CWB Board of Director Meeting Minutes

October 12, 2013


The  meeting was called to order at 1:30 PM

Present:  Clark, Desmon, Hill, Jackson, Morrell, Smyth, Youman, Williams

Absent:  Almstead, Anders, Caruso, Rombauer,  Nadeau, Kopp, Owens

1.  Ron gave a brief recap of the past season and expressed satisfaction with our efforts.

2.  Ron reported that Michael Kopp had decided not to stand for re-election and that Warren's health prevented him from serving out his term.  Fred is to check with Tony IRT his status.

3. Crash asked to be replaced on the Nominating Committee; Paul Youman was selected.  Fred was asked to serve as Chair.

4.  There was a short discussion regarding potential candidates for open board positions and whether a board of 15 was too large.  M/S that the board recommend to the membership at the November member meeting that bylaw Article 6, Section A be amended to read ". . . thirteen (13) members . . ." and ". . . eight (8) Class II directors . . ."  The motion passed.

5. Crash proposed that we formalize our raison d'Ítre as "Preserve History, Promote Patriotism, Inspire The Future."  Fred noted how that was a succinct recap of our existing usage for both our scholarship preamble and our IRS tax returns. (Included here for reference: It is the goal of the Cascade Warbirds to promote the restoration, preservation, operation and public display of historically significant military aircraft; to acquire and perpetuate the living history of those who served their country on these aircraft; and to inspire today's young people to become the aviation pioneers of tomorrow.)  The board will study how best to incorporate Crash's suggestion.

6. Fred noted that the scholarship committee would really like to regain the 50% discount we enjoyed for our scholars at EAA's Aviation Camp.  Dave will involve Rick Fernalld in communication with George Daubner.  Pete mentioned that Galvin Aviation was on board with us for our 2014 Ground School with Flights and that the committee may ask the board for an additional $1,500 to make both programs viable.  Crash then offered to donate $1,000 to make that happen.  The board accepted his offer.

7.  John has been challenged updating our web presence due to two computer meltdowns.  He hopes to have the problem resolved this weekend.  He will be having Kirstin Norris helping 

8.  Ron mentioned that Stan Kasprzyk has agreed to backbench as B-17 Tour Stop Coordinator.  Ron also raised for discussion whether the squadron should consider becoming a form-flying signatory.

9.  We discussed for a while what form our air show/fly-in demonstration participation should take and also discussed establishing a formation team to be available at our events.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 2:45 PM

For the Squadron

Fred C Smyth