Cascade Warbirds Squadron #2


Minutes of the Meeting of the Board of Directors - 10 Oct 2009, Museum of Flight, Seattle, WA


The CO called the meeting to order at 1330 hours. 


Present:  Anders, Desmon, Kinchen, Smyth, Almstead, Caruso, High, Jackson, Morrell, Owens, Nadeau, Rombauer, Williams


Absent: Sherman, Teeters


Minutes: The minutes of the 14 March 2009 meeting and of the 24 June 2009 unanimous email action were approved as read.


Nominating Committee: Frank, chair, reported on the status of the committee appointments and the number of board positions that may need to be filled.  Bill High will not be standing for reelection due to his recent appointment to the Arlington Fly-In board.  Discussion ensued whether it would be advisable to have a PSMVCC member on our board.  The Committee will consider such a nomination.  Also, it was the consensus of the board that the squadron needs a “Personnel Officer” to keep track of potential positions that should be filled.  This new subordinate Officer will be the Executive Board’s At-Large member, currently Frank Almstead.


Scholarship Committee: Pete, chair, reported that the two winners who attended AirVenture 2009 had a wonderful time.  He will work to schedule their visit with us for later this winter.  He also said the

Committee will be having another meeting within the month and will have a report for a 2010 proposal by 14 November.


EAA Scholarship Matching Fund:  Dave suggested the squadron donate a sum ($500 or $1,000) to the new EAA program.  No action was taken.


Liability Coverage: Fred reminded the board that last year we considered increasing our squadron liability coverage and that we would again have that option in January.  The pros and cons of such action were discussed and further discussion will occur in November.  Last year’s rates were reviewed for the three different coverage levels, $1MM, $2MM, and $3MM.


Winter Schedule:  The upcoming ICAS, NWCAS, and NWOC meetings were briefly previewed.


Summer 2009 Debrief:  The highlights of the past season were mentioned, including Oshkosh, Paine VAW, and AWO.  Problems at AWO were discussed, primarily the breakdown of the aircraft refueling capability and the non-OD green tents at Camp Adams (including the CWB PX tents).  Both areas will be addressed for next year.


Open Floor: Greg mentioned the confusion this past Spring IRT “authority to act” given by the board.  Future board action should not be so specific as to deny those given responsibility to manage a project to not have the authority to act properly in the execution of those responsibilities.  The board agreed that it is the intent of the board that if the board assigns responsibility for a project, it also assigns the authority to take action to execute that responsibility.


There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 1520 hours.


For the Squadron




Fred C. Smyth
Adjutant/Finance Officer