Cascade Warbirds Squadron #2


Minutes of the Meeting of the Membership

10 Oct 2009, Museum of Flight, Seattle, WA


The meeting was called to order by the CO at 10:15 AM; there were approximately 44 members and guests in attendance.


1)      New members and guests were introduced.

2)      The CO commented that the recent flying season was quite successful

3)      Fred encouraged members to (a) pay their 2010 dues; (2) be aware that Reno box seat tickets for 2010 were going fast; (3) be aware that the annual Christmas banquet would be held on 12 December; and (4) that squadron regalia was available.

4)      Mr. Dave Toomey was introduced.He proceeded to tell his story of being a P-38 photo-recon pilot in Italy during WWII.He spoke of his training, his posting to Africa and Italy, his desire to fly the P-38, and his two shoot-downs.His talk was well received and the squadron was happy to have him as a guest speaker.

5)      The CO mentioned the meeting schedule for the balance of the non-flying season, to wit:meetings on 14 Nov, 9 Jan, 13 Feb, and 13 Mar.

6)      Edís Safety Minute was in two parts:(1) Though runway incursions are down 50%, donít become a statistic by running into another airplane in the pattern, and (2) Remember that we are now flying in the winter season and that the most benign cloud could harbor the most severe case of icing.


There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at noon-hundred hours and we repaired to the Meadows Room in the Wings Cafť to enjoy lunch.


For the Squadron




Fred C. Smyth
Adjutant/Finance Officer