Minutes of the Membership Meeting - October, 2010, Museum of Flight

Cascade Warbirds Squadron # 2

The XO called the meeting to order at 10:05 AM. There were 52 members and guests in attendance.

The following occurred:

* New members and guests were introduced

* John Sessions talked about his Spitfire, its restoration and arrival at HFF at Paine Field, a brief comparison of its operational characteristics vis-à-vis the P-51, and the plans for obtaining its airworthiness certificate.

* Dave presented the annual EAA/WBA Newsletter Editor of the Year Award, First Place, to Frank Almstead. Frank thanked our publisher Ed Rombauer and all those who contributed input.

* Fred spoke briefly regarding 2011 dues and the upcoming Christmas dinner banquet.

* Ed’s Safety Minute concerned ATC taxi clearances and what to watch out for IRT crossing intervening runways.

* Mike Lavelle presented the first half of his Battle of Britain talk. He was invited back at a future date to finish his presentation.

* Several upcoming events were mentioned: NWCAS, NWOC, Nov meeting, etc.

* Pete Jackson introduced two of our scholarship awardees. Nike Steele, a high school senior, spoke of his time at AirVenture this summer and his application to attend Annapolis. Jessika Montgomery, now a freshman at UW, explained her enthusiasm for the Private Pilot ground school class she attended and her introductory flights at Wings Aloft.

* Paul Youman and Ron McIlnay presented Marshaller vests to Mike Weisner and Rich Cook who had both just completed the squadron marshaller training program.

* Dave mentioned that EAA/WBA are considering rescinding the restriction against chapters/squadrons owning airworthy aircraft and said the squadron board is studying whether to obtain an aircraft, either for restoration or for flying.

* Dave mentioned (1) the FAA’s new A/C re-registration program, (2) the squadron’s housing availability at Oshkosh each year, and (3) the EAA/WBA Warbird Wings program and the fact that the squadron is now responsible for designating which venue in the Northwest will qualify as a Warbird Wings event.

The meeting was adjourned at 12:50 PM.


For the Squadron




Fred C. Smyth
Adjutant/Finance Officer