CWB, Minutes of the Meeting of the Board, 09 March 2013, MoF, Seattle

The meeting was called to order at 1:30 PM

Present: Clark, Desmon, Hill, Jackson, Kopp, Morrell, Nadeau, Owens, Smyth, Youman, plus about four member guests
Absent: Almstead, Anders, Caruso, Rombauer, Williams

1. Upon M/S, the reading of the minutes of the previous meeting was waived.

2. Ron commented on the survey results. Seventy were returned and there were some interesting results. He will forward to all board members. He also asked Fred to resend the survey request.

3. We discussed the methodology of funding the events selected for support. Members will self-pay and be reimbursed.

4. The member BBQ will be held at Mike's place in Auburn on 11 May.

5. Event coordinators will be assigned for all flying events. They will then contact John for Facebook and Fred for the email blitz.

6. The next Exec Board meeting will be Thurs, 25 April. All other board members are invited to attend. The location will be announced soon.

7. Warren reviewed the B-17 visit. Flying from Paine a couple days seems a real possibility. Plus, if we sell 125+ seats, we automatically get $30 each, regardless of other considerations.

8. Michael said the VAW event this year will feature the 75th anniversary of the T-6. Also, we will try to arrange for a formation clinic to be put on the two days before. Ron will involve Red Star.

9. In response to a question, Warren said the two non-board members assigned to this year's Nominating Committee are Mike Weisner and Henry Geijsbeek. Their slate must be promulgated by 11 December.

10. Paul said he is looking for military aviation flying songs suitable for our karaoke event this December. Let him know if you find any.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 2:30 PM

For the Squadron,
Fred C Smyth