Cascade Warbirds Squadron # 2, Minutes of the Meeting of the Membership, 09 March 2013, Museum of Flight, Seattle

The CO called the meeting to order at 10:10 AM. There were forty-seven members and guests in attendance.

The following occurred:
The CO welcomed everyone. The Veterans were recognized for their service and the guests introduced themselves.

-   Ron gave a short report of the recent NWOC convention. Highlights he mentioned included the FAA's new electronic medical forms, the emphasis on practicing how to get out of your airplane in a hurry, and the suggestion to occasionally give yourself a check-flight to check-ride standards.
-   Fred mentioned it was time to pay 2013 dues, that Reno box seat tickets were still available, and a new PX product - drink coasters - was available.
-   Warren ran through the details of the EAA B-17 visit in late May and again asked for volunteers.
-   Dave ran through the summer flying schedule and said updates will be posted via email and on Facebook.
-   Warren spoke for Ed's Safety Minute: he reviewed his recommendation that all pilots and passengers carry a whistle and a first-aid kit on their person while flying.
-   Ron gave an interim report on the recent electronic survey and said the board would be reviewing the information received.
-   Brad Pilgrim, in our Know-Your-Warbird segment, spoke on the B-29 and his experience as a Flight Engineer on the CAF's Fifi.
-   The door prize, a Model Power B-29, was won by Mary Lee Edwards. A pop-can T-6 model, donated by Warren's brother Don, raised $46 and was won by Vic Norris.
There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 12:15 PM.
For the Squadron
Fred C Smyth
Adjutant/Finance Officer