February 11, 2012

Call to order at 1:40

Present were Morrell, Nadeau, Almstead, Desmon, Jackson, Hill, Caruso, Kopp, Williams, Owens, Rombauer, Youman

Absent were Smyth, Clark, Anders

Review minutes of the last meeting - Motion to waive

Opening Comments – CO-

1. Discussed ideas around org chart and integration into website

2. Stressed importance of communication

3. Discussion of refreshing the website - Kristin Norris will help

4. Discussion of splitting ADJ/CFO roles per org chart

5. Ron attended GA Day planning, event will be similar to last year. Potential change to name to include "Warbirds"

6. Discussion on AWO accommodations for those who want to attend.

7. Discussed Ad space in newsletter

8. Almstead to email tri-fold to Ron

Personnel Committee - Almstead - Nothing to report

B-17 Committee - Doug reported out that the offending language was forwarded to him, however no news from King Cty. B-17 is coming to BFI. Doug requires some clarification on coordination between EAA and MoF. Tony to check with EAA to see what advertising for B-17 includes.

Scholarship Committee - Schools around Western Washington have been mailed. It's in GA news, on AOPA Daily Briefer. 3 applicants to date.

Wings program for EAA designated for Olympia. 2nd locale is TBD, Fairchild was discussed.

Meeting at MOF Restoration Facility- No, March meeting will be at Museum of Flight.

Meeting at Heritage Flight Museum - Bob to talk to Greg about making April 21st being more "CWB Centric"

Bill Lattimer to collect details of Young Eagles and how to get involved.

Adjourned at 3:11.