Cascade Warbirds Meeting Minutes

February 11, 2012

Call to Order at 10:08am (41 people in attendance)

There was one guest in the audience

C.O.'s Opening Comments

Introduced the new board of directors

Reviewed the Cascade Warbirds Mission statement

Finance Officer - No report out due to absence, however a call to pay dues was made

Safety Corner” Ed Rombauer - presented "Break a leg in a 172", discussed having flying partners know how to preflight and understand the basic instruments.

Dave Desmond discussed new FAA Regulations regarding Low Level Coastal Fights. NOAA now controls. Below 2000' you could be subject to $100,000 fine.

Know Your Warbird”

John Clark – Brewster Buffalo - Skipped due to time

Bill Lattimer presented a very informative slideshow on his Ryan L-17B Panel Restoration To Original Specs.

Bob Noble - Air America Pilot in Vietnam and Laos - Excellent presentation included Air America coin giveaway which was won by Pete Jackson and Keith.

Door Prize - Crash Williams won the UH-1

B-17 Event – Doug Owens and Tony Caruso presented the dates. B-17 will arrive on the 21st or 22nd, media flights on the 23rd, 24-27th customer flights, 28th depart for Spokane. Emphasis was made on stimulating more seat sales. Goal is to sell at least 250 seats.

Adjourned at 12:35