Cascade Warbirds, Minutes of the Meeting    10 February 2018, Museum of Flight, Seattle


The CO called the meeting to order at 10:15 AM.  There were 49 members and guests in attendance.  New members and guests were introduced. Vets were recognized.

The CO mentioned upcoming NWOC, Puyallup Aviation Expo, and NWCAS.


The FO reminded all that dues were due and that Reno box seats were available.


The XO said there’ll be a local formation clinic in the area the end of June and local pilots are invited to participate.


Kerry said he’s looking for volunteers and display memorabilia for the expo.


Kent Johnson provided a handout for ADS-B Essentials.


Vic Norris said Val Stuart is looking for a volunteer for ashes-spreading of Keith.


Guest Devin Graves mentioned his research project “How Combatants’ Cultures Influenced Aircraft Design”.  He then joined the squadron.


John Clark put out a call for a new squadron Chief Photographer.


Our guest speaker was USAF BG Joe Griffith (Ret) who regaled us with details of his career, to include multiple tours in Vietnam, multiple aircraft flown, and several “. . . there but for the Grace of God . . .” missions.


Our KYWB segment had a slight twist: we heard from Sam Warren what it was like for a brand new low-time pilot to buy a civilian airplane.


The CO mentioned that there would be a safety stand-down on 7 April for all pilots and a “knock-the-rust-off” event at KBVS for all formation pilots.

There being nothing further, the meeting was adjourned at 12:45 PM.


For the Squadron


Fred C Smyth, Adjutant