Cascade Warbirds Squadron # 2, Minutes of the Annual Meeting of the Membership, 08 February 2014, Museum of Flight, Seattle

The CO called the meeting to order at 10:10 AM. There were 35 members and guests in attendance. The following occurred:

> Guests and new members were introduced.

> Veterans were recognized.

> Our CO reported (1) EAA will not bring their B-17 to the West Coast this season, (2) the PAE GA Day is "On" this year, though curtailed in scope from previous years.

> Fred hit up the members for money for Reno, annual dues, etc.

> Dave is still looking for folks to share a house at Oshkosh.

> Steve Allmaras gave a brief bio of our friend and Honorary member, the late Dave Toomey, WWII P-38 photo recon pilot operating in Italy.

> Pete Jackson read "Thank You" letters from two recent scholarship winners, both of whom said their scholarship led them to choose aviation as a career.

> Dave mentioned that HFF is hosting a Doolittle Raid 72nd anniversary observance on 18-19 April. He also mentioned that Ops O Bob Hill is looking for participants and venues for Memorial Day flyovers.

> Our Know-Your-Warbird segment was presented by Mike Hanten on the history and deployment of the SA Bulldog T-1, a recent acquisition of his.

> We then got to meet Jim Marich, a WWII B-29 FE. He told us of a mission of his where his -29 ran out of fuel 300 miles short of Saipan and how they had to ditch in the open ocean. The aircraft did not break apart upon landing and a PT boat arrived immediately and rescued all eleven crew. Because the -29 did not sink, another PT boat was dispatched two days later to sink it.

> We then watched "The Last Bomb" - the story of B-29 raids over Tokyo.

> Bud Granley offered a safety suggestion by introducing PAVE; see it here:

> Ron closed by mentioning some upcoming events, e. g. HFM at Skagit on 15 Feb, NWCAS, PAE GA Day, and Fairchild.

> Ron invited all to join a no-host luncheon downstairs and invite anyone interested to attend the board meeting at 1:45 PM.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 12:40 PM.

For the Squadron

Fred C Smyth
Adjutant/Finance Officer