Cascade Warbirds Squadron #2


Minutes of the Meeting of the Membership

07 February 2009, Museum of Flight, Boeing Field


The CO called the meeting to order at 1010 hours.  There were approximately 46 members and guests in attendance.


The following occurred:


·         Several guests were introduced, to include pilots who had flown the O-1/L-19 in combat.

·         Liz Johnston, MOMS founder and CEO, donated funds to buy lunch for the first five (5) veterans who arrived.  Two other donors contributed funds to buy lunch for the oldest in attendance, youngest in attendance, and the one who had travelled farthest to attend.  Six of those selected contributed their winnings to the squadron scholarship fund.

·         Bill High mentioned that PSMVCC is holding a raffle to raise money to buy a tank for their organization.  We will alert our members of this opportunity via email.

·         Doug Owens reminded all that the B-17 will be here 20 – 26 May and plans to fly at least 30 flights over six days.  He needs many volunteers; a notice will go out via email and another will appear in the April newsletter.  Additionally, Cascade Warbird Day will be held at the Museum on 23 May.

·         The “Know Your Warbird” aircraft was the O-1/L-19 Birddog.  Minard Thompson, pilot and author of “The Lovable One-Niner” gave a very interesting presentation on this Cessna airplane.  Sam Raines, LTC USAF-Ret, followed with a briefing of flying this aircraft in combat.  Both presentations were well received.

·         Taylor Barrett, student at Aviation High School and one of the winners of the squadron’s scholarships to EAA’s AirVenture in 2008, reported on his experiences there.  He was extremely enthusiastic and seemed excited about pursuing a career in aviation.  His parents were in attendance and expressed their appreciation as well.

·         The CO presented the January 10, 2009, annual meeting minutes.  Upon motion and second, they were accepted as read.

·         Ed Rombauer’s Safety Minute was based on the recent Hudson River feat.  He suggested that we all give some thought to ditching, that we know our airspeeds, what doors to open before touch-down and which ones not to, etc.  He also reminded us that light aircraft seat cushions are probably not flotation devices and that we should carry our own PFDs.

·         Schedule comments

·         NWCAS is 13 – 14 February here in Seattle

·         The March 14 member meeting will be held at the Restoration Center at PAE.

·         The deadline for commenting on TSA’s NPRM for LASP is nearing.

·         Our first two flying events are April 25 at BVS and May 16 at PAE.

·         Reno box seat tickets are still available

·         Room at the Oshkosh house is still available.

·         Paul Youman and Ron McIlnay reported on the changes underway in the marshaller training program.  They alerted the pilots to be aware that trainee marshallers will be working alongside those already trained but will be differentiated by the color of their safety vests.

·         Frank Almstead mentioned the increase in articles for the newsletter and thanked the contributors.


There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 1215 hours.


For the Squadron



Fred C. Smyth
Adjutant/Finance Officer