CWB # 2 Minutes of the Meeting of the Board – 12 January 2013, MoF, Seattle


The  meeting was called to order at 1:30 PM

 Present:  Almstead, Clark, Desmon, Jackson, Morrell, Owens, Smyth, Williams, Youman

Absent:  Anders, Caruso, Hill, Kopp, Nadeau, Rombauer

Upon M/S, the reading of the minutes of the previous meeting was waived.

Fred presented the 2012 financials.  After some questions and answers, they were accepted into the record.

Fred presented the 2013 proposed budget.  By consensus, several line items were amended.  The budget was approved.  As in previous years, the Executive Board was given authority regarding the methodology of spending the fly-in line items.

The board gave initial approval for the 2014 scholarships in the amount of $5,000.

Ron asked for an update from committee chairs regarding the naming of seconds-in-command.  That process is ongoing.

The B-17 issue was discussed.  Crash has learned that it will visit Seattle this year and that CWB will be the host.  The specific dates and other details are not yet known, but Ron is working the situation.

Pete reported on the scholarship committee.  Due to the doubling of fees by EAA for campers at Air Venture, the squadron is not participating there this year.  To replace that aspect of the program, the committee has initiated a program of tool reimbursement expenses for enrolled A&P students at two local community colleges.  That complements the ground school portion of the scholarship program.

Frank reminded the board that he will no longer chair the nominating committee.  The board chose Warren Nadeau as the Chair, Crash and Pete will sit on the committee, and those three will choose the remaining two members from the overall squadron membership.  The committee must publish their slate of board members by 11 December 2013, thirty days prior to the annual meeting of the membership scheduled for 11 January 2014.

Flying season events were discussed.  Fairchild is moving to May; Ron is working that.  Skagit is unknown; Fred will research.  Olympia has moved to July, the same weekend as AWO.  Comox was suggested; Dave will look into it.

Paul, with an assist from Kirstan, presented the proposed marshaller patch.  Modeled on our existing shoulder patch, it was approved.  Paul will order.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 3:00 PM

For the Squadron,

Fred C Smyth