Cascade Warbirds Squadron # 2, Minutes of the Annual Meeting of the Membership, 11 January 2014, Museum of Flight, Seattle 

The CO called the meeting to order at 10:05 AM. There were 46 members and guests in attendance. 
The following occurred: 

> Veterans were recognized.

> Guests and new members were introduced.  Biennial elections were held. Nominating Committee's slate (CO Ron Morrell, XO Dave Desmon, Ops O Bob Hill, FO/Adj Fred C Smyth, A-L Frank Almstead, Crash Williams, Curt Kinchen, Doug Owens, John Clark, Kerry Edwards, Mike Weisner, Paul Youman, and Pete Jackson) was overwhelmingly approved.

> Ron thanked the retiring board members (Warren Nadeau, Greg Anders, Ed Rombauer, Tony Caruso, Michael Kopp) for their service .

> Ron handed out the annual EAA service awards.

> The new airplane owners (Ron Morrell, John Clark, Vic & Kirstan Norris) were congratulated.

> Fred hit up the members for money for Reno, annual dues, etc.

> Dave is looking for folks to share a house at Oshkosh.

> Our feature presentation was Rich Alldredge and Carter Teeters describing the construction and flight testing of Jim Moss' Gee Bee QED. We learned the history of the Granville Brothers and their designs, their construction of the first Gee Bee, Jim Moss' decision to recreate the aircraft, the high points of some twelve years in construction, and the flight test protocol. All in attendance were highly impressed. 

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 11:45 PM.

For the Squadron
Fred C SmythAdjutant/Finance Officer