Cascade Warbirds, Minutes of the Meeting of the Board of Directors      12 November 2016, Museum of Flight, Seattle

The CO called the meeting to order at 1:50 pm

Present: Morrell, Desmon, Smyth, Youman, Johnson, Mehrer, Edwards, Clark

Absent: Johnson, J; Engbrecht, Jackson

The following occurred:

Dan Shoemaker reviewed the KingCo problems associated with the 2016 B-17 visit and the challenges he perceived going forward. Dave was of the opinion that KingCo may soften their approach. Dan will touch base with Dave O. and Doug O. and will forward the FAA and KingCo letters to EAA.

Ron gave a few more details IRT the FAA-McChord situation and said the topic would be discussed at both ICAS and NWCAS this winter. He believes the issue has been completely resolved.

The board confirmed that CWB will donate $1,000 to MoF. Kent M. will liaise with Lauri Haag, COO, to discuss our appreciation of our ongoing relationship and the timing, expected to be in February. Fred will blitz membership to join MoF.

The possibility of a form clinic was discussed, as well as a change in venue. Dave reported on the responses to his request for input. J Johnson will take up the issue upon his return.

Brandon Edwards gave a short report on his ongoing “care and feeding” of the 13 vets he oversaw at the B-17 visit. He will work with them to submit their bios to Frank for inclusion in our newsletters.

Paul gave a short report on marshaller training and reiterated his need for more volunteers. The possibility of working with CAP marshallers was discussed.

Rich Cook will talk with Vanessa at HFF IRT invitations to VAW.

Ron suggested we find a way to tie FB events to our Google calendar. John and Fred for action.

Fred mentioned the deadline for requesting funds for 2017 was 15 December.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 3:35 PM.

For the Squadron

Fred C Smyth, Adjutant