Minutes of the 08 Nov 14 Meeting of the Cascade Warbirds Squadron #2 Board of Directors, Museum of Flight, Seattle 


Meeting was called to order at 1:30pm

Present:  Clark, Desmon, Edwards, Hill, Jackson, Morrell, Smyth, Weisner, Youman

Absent:  Almstead, Kinchen, Owens, Williams


1.  Opening comments were dispensed with.

2.  The reading of the minutes of the previous meeting was dispensed with.

3.  There was no discussion IRT the 2014 budget.

4.  Annual dinner party: Fred reported that any deposit tendered the Medallion for a 2015 reservation was fully refundable for a cancellation at least six months in advance, less a $25 admin fee.  He said he had not yet signed a contract because 2015 prices had not been set, though he was able to reserve the 12 December date.  Kerry reported he was talking with the Ramada-Tukwila and the Renton Hilton Garden Inn.  More info will be available in January.  (Late-breaking news: The Garden Inn will not work; it is too small.  However, Kerry's discussions with the Ramada, scene of our 2005 party, look promising.  More in January.)

5. & 6.  We discussed a CWB-sponsored fly-in.  Bob will suggest a venue.  The board will budget funds in January and the Exec Board will decide whether to spend.  We also discussed whether this would also serve as a spring warm-up.  Ron then ran through the 2015 event calendar.

7.  The spring event will not include the BG Roast.  Discussion was deferred due to the absence of Crash.

8.  No new info IRT our marshallers’ support of TIW in July.

9.  We had an EXTENSIVE discussion of possible dates the B-17 might show up, whether the Tri-Motor would accompany, and which airport might be used.  Also discussed were the benefits of one venue relative to the other.  Inasmuch as we had no concrete information, no action was taken.

10.  Dave reported he was able to get a booth at the Puyallup Air Expo donated to our use in exchange for us putting on a forum.  Dave reviewed the success of our previous presentations and asked for volunteer presenters.  Also discussed was the need to locate and update our tri-fold brochure.

11.  Department heads were again reminded to name assistants.

12. No committee reports

13.  New business: (A) Fred requested budget inputs no later than 1 January; stated the procedure would be the same as last year, and agreed to email 2014 budgets to the board.  (B) Bob sought input regarding how the board envisioned the squadron’s efforts to promote itself to the public, a la our years-ago welcoming of a returning aircraft carrier, etc.  It was the consensus that the issue needed to be worked on an ongoing basis.  (C) Dave again queried the board regarding their interest in a squadron airplane, as in a local PT-26.  Not much traction there, but Fred offered to help Dave with the mechanics of putting together a (warbird) flying club.  (D) Ron wondered of the advisability of obtaining a squadron coffee mug.  Fred will research prices and report.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 3:30-ish.

For the Squadron

Fred C Smyth