Cascade Warbirds, Minutes of the Annual Meeting of the Board of Directors      14 October 2017, Museum of Flight, Seattle

Present: Youman, Clark, Mehrer, Jackson, Smyth, Johnson J, Edwards, Desmon, Johnson K

Absent: Engbrecht, Morrell

The XO called the meeting to order at 1:20 PM. 

1 – Dave welcomed us to the meeting and mentioned the upcoming elections.

2 – We waived the reading of the minutes of the previous meeting.

3 – Fred reviewed the status of the dinner party issue and will send an email to members requesting dining input.

4 – Smokey did a quick review of the independent formation clinic and said he’ll arrange another in 2018.

5 – Dan gave the B-17 report in a little more detail, mentioned lessons learned, and agreed to Chair in 2018.  He’ll also arrange for various lieutenants to assist him.  Dan also mentioned the hope that the tour stop would return to BFI in 2018.  We discussed the value of EAA Chapter 609’s help with the tour stop and upon motion and second, agreed to share with them $500 of the proceeds.  Dan will write a thank-you letter to accompany the check.  We then heartily thanked Dan, Kerry, and Brandon for their extensive efforts to make this stop such a success.

6 – John proposed a methodology to choose his replacement as “chief” or “managing” squadron photographer.  John will head up this project, hoping to present finalists for a selection by the November meeting.

7 – Pete spoke briefly about the scholarship program, Brandon about the Veterans outreach effort, and Paul about the marshallers.

8 – Kerry enquired whether there was any interest in pursuing acquisition of feather signs.  There wasn’t much traction at this time.

9 – Kent M reported that it was unlikely the museum would provide us with a display case for our plaques.

10 – The Nominating Committee was selected:  Fred, Chair; Pete, Paul, Rich Cook, Kirstan Norris

The meeting was adjourned at approximately 3:05 PM.

For the Squadron

Fred C Smyth