Minutes of the 10 Oct 14 Meeting of the Cascade Warbirds Squadron #2 Board of Directors, Museum of Flight, Seattle 


The meeting was called to order at 1:30 PM

Present:  Clark, Desmon, Edwards, Jackson, Morrell, Owens, Smyth, Weisner, Youman

Absent:  Almstead, Hill, Kinchen, Williams


1.  Ron had no opening comments.

2.  The reading of the minutes of the previous meeting was dispensed with.

3.  There was no discussion IRT the 2014 budget.

4.  Annual dinner party: (1) Dave wondered whether the squadron should spring for appetizers to be served during the cocktail hour. That idea got no traction, (2) He then wondered whether the squadron should arrange for entertainment in the bar after dinner.  Again, no takers. (3) Fred briefed on the price increase expected in 2015 and compared it to the Ramada – Tukwila rates and The Future of Flight Aviation Center.  He opined that we would no longer find a venue where our food and beverage expenditures would serve to zero out the room rental and labor charges.  He said ultimately the Board would have to decide whether it was proper for the squadron to pay the $1,000 rental/labor fees for the benefit of a small minority of dues-paying members.  Fred will look into the deposit cancellation policy to see if we can reserve a 2015 date without penalty, thereby giving us extra time to discuss this question.  Mike will check with HFF on their pricing.

5.  The question was posed whether we should have a Spring Fly-In and Warm-Up.  Discussion postponed until the Ops O’s return.

6.  The squadron was not invited to VAW this year and, thus, did not contribute the budgeted $3,000.  If this is the new VAW policy, should CWB sponsor its own event?  The Ops O is tasked to research possible venues and any dollars requested will be discussed during the January budget process.  On a related topic, John will work with Kirstan Norris to keep our online calendar current with our events.

7.  The suggestion was made that the Bud Granley Roast, to be resurrected under the guidance of Crash, occur during our fly-in.  Discussion and decision postponed until Crash’s return.

8.  The TIW ramp control problems were discussed.  Dave will work with the TIW folks and Paul will poll the marshallers on their desire to be involved or not.

9.  B-17 Tour Stop:  If it happens, Kerry will lead and Doug will backstop.  No dates yet.

10. B-29:  Mike said the aircraft was a crowd pleaser but mechanical issues were a problem.

11. Fundraising – not discussed; a moot point due to EAA’s return.

12. B-17 member appreciation rides:  no rides in the budget for 2014 drawing because that money was redirected to the extra dinner costs we will be paying.  Of the two 2013 winners, one got a ride on a Collings airplane and the other is still owed.

13. AWO: Sherman’s email was discussed.  Dave and Pete want to see more effort put into letting members know it is “okay” to attend AWO.  Comparisons were made to how other venues treat CWB members.  Pete will have a discussion with the AWO folks.

14. Dave suggested we pursue a booth at the 2015 Puyallup Air Expo and put on a warbird forum.  He will explore the possibilities.

15. Positions and vacancies:  (a) Safety – Ed is recovering from his surgery.  (b) Scholarship – Shirl has resigned and Sue Caruso has taken her place.  (c) Social – Bob still holds that position.  (d) HFF liaison – Mike will continue.  (e) PR – Kerry will continue.

16. Ron reminded all division heads to appoint backups and/or assistants.

17. Reports: (a) Personnel – no report, Frank absent.  (b) B-17 – already covered.  (c) Scholarship – EAA no longer offering us a discount for their camp, so the committee has decided to spend the money locally.  We will continue to focus on Private Pilot Ground School with Flights and we are looking into adding a feature of assisting needy AHS students with their textbook expenses. (d) Letters to EAA – Pete will accomplish. This also covers # 18.

19. Ron briefly mentioned his formation flying ideas.  He will expand on it at a later date.


There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 2:55 PM.


For the Squadron

Fred C Smyth