Cascade Warbirds, Minutes of the Annual Meeting of the Board of Directors      08 October 2016, Museum of Flight, Seattle

The CO called the meeting to order at 1:35 pm

Present: Morrell, Desmon, Smyth, Jackson, Youman (a bare quorum)

Absent: Johnson, K; Johnson, J; Mehrer, Edwards, Clark, Engbrecht

The following occurred:

Ron started with a sitrep of the FAA issue with us at McChord; he will continue to work the situation.

Ron stated that he felt we had a very good flying season and mentioned some examples.

Dave reported that KingCo is revisiting their insurance requirements. He thinks Kerry’s letter may have been the impetus. Desmon, Osgood, Shoemaker, and Edwards will follow up.

Pete suggested we design a squadron jacket along the lines of HFM and HFF. He and Brandon will work.

Ron said he was impressed with Karyn’s work on the calendar and he is considering the possibility of having her replacie Al Sauer who has moved out of state. He will talk with her over the winter.

Dave reminded us to continue thinking about leadership succession.

Carl Lindberg will provide a CAP squadron map for Fred to send to members. This to be used in our outreach “Adopt a Warbird” program. Carl will liaise.

Ron said there was no movement on the FAST signatory issue as none of the June form-fly attendees expressed any interest.

Pete will be in touch with Avian IRT their participation in our scholarship program. Fred has sent a press release to GAN and will log our program on on the 17th.

Brandon reported that he is maintaining contact with the Vets who were part of the B-17 flights.

Paul said the marshaller ranks are thinning and he is recruiting. Fred will send an email to that effect.

Ron is putting together an airshow training and briefing guide. It will be used not only by our pilots, but also as proof to the FAA that we take our airshow flying safety seriously.

Dave wondered whether we could make the $1,000 donation to the Museum at the November meeting. With so few directors in attendance, further discussion of the issue was postponed until November.

Dave will talk with Puyallup Expo people in an attempt to get the same arrangements for us as last year.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 3:05 PM.

For the Squadron

Fred C Smyth, Adjutant