Cascade Warbirds, Minutes of the Meeting of the Board of Directors
12 March 2016, Museum of Flight, Seattle

The CO called the meeting to order at 1:30 PM.
Present: Clark, Desmon, Edwards, Jackson, K Johnson, Mehrer, Morrell, Smyth, Youman
Absent: Engbrecht, J Johnson

• No CO opening comments
• No review of prior meeting’s minutes
• Ron talked about our FAST signatory endeavor and the upcoming formation clinic at HFF from 3 June – 5 June. Kerry will start a design of a CWB FAST patch. Kirstan will start design of CWB form fly shoulder patch.
• Victor mentioned the AOPA fly-in at PWT; no new developments.
• Fred said he was helping Smokey plan a wine fly-out to Walla Walla the first or second weekend in August.
• Ron said if he was to host a hangar party, it would have to be 20 May, not 21 May. Additionally, he would like to plan one for the end of the season after Reno. He also mentioned Curt may be planning one mid-season.
• Dave mentioned the leadership succession issue. We agreed that we were successfully adding new blood – witness the four new board members this time around. We also agreed that the CO probably should nearly always without fail be a warbird owner. We agreed the unwritten rules the Nominating Committee follows are working well.
• Carl will provide locations and CO contact info for 28 local CAP squadrons. He will also develop contact protocol. It is our plan to team individual squadrons with nearby CWB owners and have squadrons “adopt” their aircraft.
• EAA grievances: Ron looking to gather input, will contact other warbird COs, and write letter to EAA/WBA.
• Max Events: will shoot for but one per month in order not to overload owners.
• After Paul talked a bit about all the aircraft pushing the marshallers do, Kent J opined how nice a hydrostatic lawn tractor would be. Fred will email members for donations of same.
• B-17 will arrive on D-Day, stay thru 12 Jun. Talked about possibility of overflight at Safeco Field. Kerry to look for ESPN contacts. We will also seek out veterans who flew on D-Day.
• New Business: Dave suggested accelerating the donation to the MoF for their new Air Pavilion. The board waived the agenda notice requirement for action items, then agreed to the $1,000 donation “once the B-17 visit-at-MoF paperwork is signed and sealed.”

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 3:40 PM

For the Squadron

Fred C Smyth