Cascade Warbirds, Minutes of the Board of Directors Meeting       11 Mar 2017, Museum of Flight, Seattle

Present: Youman, Clark, Mehrer, Jackson, Morrell, Smyth, Johnson J, Edwards, Desmon

Absent: Engelbrecht, Johnson K

The CO called the meeting back to order at 1:50 PM.

1 – A hearty thanks was given to Brandon Edwards for his superior work with the WWII veterans.

2 – Ron mentioned the Hillsboro airshow invite. He also mentioned GA Day at Paine and OLY plus others.

3 – Fred reported on the dinner party venue issue. The Renton Red Lion has been selected. Consensus was the second Saturday, 9 Dec 2017. The issue with buffet dinner service was discussed. This year’s price would be $60. A plated option could be had for between $30 and $36. Pros and cons of both were discussed. Fred is to poll the membership – those likely to attend the party – to see how many would pay $60.

4 – Smokey brought us up to date on the formation clinic plans. Hotels are available but we need transportation help. Also need a web presence.

5 – Dan Shoemaker reported on the progress with King County IRT the indemnity agreement. He is of the opinion all will be fixed for the 2108 B-17 visit.

6 – Brandon Edwards is moving forward on the lithograph project; he is collecting signatures of B-17 crewmembers. When that is done, we’ll make arrangements to let all the squadron members know they are available so that all have an equal chance to participate in acquiring them.

7 – We discussed possible display cases at the museum. Kent will meet with Laurie on the 15th.

8 – A discussion ensued on naming a squadron photog. John mentioned the importance of credentials. Consensus was to have three through this season: Eric, Dan, Karyn. Ron is to remind these three of their responsibilities to the squadron members, especially those who give them rides. John mentioned someone had to put together the dinner party slide show. Lyle hereby added due to his background.

9 – Smokey wondered whether EAA would ever return to AWO. No answer.

10 – Smokey wondered whether there was a preferred format for business cards. He was showered with examples.

11 – Dave mentioned the need for transpo help at PWT and that marshallers would be needed.

12 – Dave reported that Keith Stuart was in a care facility and likely would not recover.

The meeting was adjourned at approximately 3:10 PM.

For the Squadron

Fred C Smyth