Minutes of the 08 Mar 14 Meeting of the Board of Directors, Museum of Flight, Seattle 

The meeting was called to order at 1:20 PM

Present: Clark, Desmon, Edwards, Hill, Jackson, Morrell, Owens, Smyth, Weisner, Williams, Youman

Absent: Almstead, Kinchen, Owens

1. Ron had no opening comments.

2. The reading of the minutes of the previous meeting was dispensed with.

3. Kerry presented a name tag to Pete.

4. We discussed briefly the B-17 ride winners. Because EAA’s B-17 is not touring here this summer, how to award could be an issue. Fred will handle.

5. CAF’s B-29 will “probably” be here this summer. We may be able to participate.

6 & 7. The board has decided that the squadron will pay any overage charges for the annual banquet (above ticket prices). Thus, we can stall to determine whether to add an extra budget line item or use the existing “Membership Appreciation – Social” line item.

8. The Spring warm-up will be the HFM Grand Opening at KBVS on 26 April.

9. Rutledge has not yet responded to Paul IRT whether marshallers are needed at the Stearman fly-in at Chehalis. Paul will follow up.

10. Fairchild show – 28 have signed up so far and Ron mentioned it is critical that DD forms are submitted ASAP. Rooms have been requested for marshallers.

11. GA Day – Bob Hill is in charge; he’s looking for approx. 12 aircraft

12. AWO – no invite yet, OLY – need sign-ups, TAC – Dave will handle, VAW no word

13. Air Expo 2015 – Dave suggests we consider participating.

14. Vacancies: Safety – Ron has not yet called Ed; Social – Victor may be appointed; HFF liaison – Mike confirmed; PR – Kerry confirmed.

15. Ron urged dept heads who do not yet have back-ups to appoint them soonest.

15a. Dave is liaison with the B-29, but there is not much definite yet.

15b. Ron wants to study the issue of whether to remain aligned with EAA or to sever ties. After some discussion, Ron, Dave, Crash, and Fred were appointed to study the issue and report a proposal to the board.

16. Scholarship Committee. Fred reported that two Air Camp winners have been selected and they are in contact with EAA, and that three ground school scholars have been named and two are already in contact with Galvin. 

17. Pete is sending our recent scholar thank-you letters to several folks at EAA and WBA, to include Pelton, Fisher, etc. plus our own Jon Bowman and Rick Fernalld. He will route his cover letter past board members for comments.

18. Crash suggested the B G Roast be coincidental with the annual dinner party. There was no consensus for that, so we will postpone for 2014 and look for a suitable venue for late spring, early summer 2015. Fred will work with Crash to find a venue.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 2:35 PM.

For the Squadron,

Fred C Smyth